Wishing aloud.

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About Jay Olson

Since 1994 I've had the opportunity to make audiences laugh all over the United States and abroad. I provide business solutions to a variety of industries, including; healthcare, telecommunications, government, higher education, and more. I keep my performance skills sharp with Baby Wants Candy - The Improvised Musical With Full Band.

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  1. May all your dreams come true. Looks like lots of reading in your future.

  2. I am occasionally intense, Jamie. ;o)

    Thanks for taking a look!

    – Jay

  3. Jay, I can totally feel the intensity of this dreamboard. I feel it. May all of your dreams come true!

  4. This is the first dream board I see with books while we all love books!

  5. I chuckled about the desk chair…how many people must relate to this! Wishing you to find time to read and escape “the chair”!

  6. Thanks Cindi!
    I feel like mine are always so masculine. I’m okay with it, but it’s funny. I yam what I yam.

    – Jay

  7. LOL – Love the smashing of the office chair! I can relate!!! And the books! Yes!!! also your “subliminal” wolf…

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