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Laughter Produces Brainwaves Similar to Meditation

“When there is mirthful laughter, it’s as if the brain gets a workout…this allows for the subjective feeling states of being able to think more clearly and have more integrative thoughts.”

We’ve long known that humor and laughter improve learning and thinking. Now we know a little more about why. The science behind it is pretty amazing.

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We Do Have Fun.

We do. We really do.



Wishing aloud.

Five For Friday: A Photo Essay.


A Little Invitation to the Universe 2.

What began as December’s collage project has perhaps ended up as the new Cathcart-Olson family crest. Just wishing out loud.

Some Wisdom: Our Creativity Crisis.

Wake up, America. The real threat to the United States’s continued superpower status isn’t from an arsenal of weapons—it’s from the lack of an arsenal of the mind.

Play Power: How to Turn Around Our Creativity Crisis

An excellent read by Lara Seargeant Richardson in The Atlantic. Enjoy, comment & share!

Photo Essay: Love of The Game

Late nights at the theatre, followed by…

…early mornings on set…

…hangover cures, and…

…finding the funny everywhere.

Nonstop hustle. All for the love of the game.

- Jay

A Little Invitation to the Universe…

Interactive Everything: Flexibility Within Preparation

 I bristle at the characterization of improvisation as getting on stage and “just making shit up.” But, understandably, I’m often asked how we “rehearse” for improvisation. It’s simple – we connect with each other and then make ourselves open to the whole wide world. Conduits.

Below are some photos from a recent rehearsal with a live band. It was a lot of fun.

Of Beauty Queens and Public Restrooms.

I had a great laugh at this story of 15 year-old beauty pageant winner, Olivia O’Neil who dyed her hair (GASP!) brunette, and how the pageant organizer responded –

” …I’m sure someone will step into your place with manners”, said Osborne, adding that O’Neil “would not go far in this world.”

Any adult that tells a 15 year-old they’ll “not go far in this world” should immediately report to my private ass-beating room.

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